A Woo Hoo Holiday
"A Woo Hoo Holiday”
Verse 1:

Dashing to the show
In a rented Chevrolet
Detours we will go
The Parkway's closed today

Dana's in the back
Making spirits bright
The only way we'll make it there
Is if our GPS is right


Here we go – a Woo Hoo Show
We are on our way.
Everyone's already there
And waiting for us to play.
“- "Turn left in 500 feet”
We heard old Siri say.
Cause we don't know a shortcut though
It's a Woo Hoo holiday.

Verse 2:

The snow is falling down
There's detours all around
Bridges closed – no other roads
To get us back to town.

Traffic's standing still
We're stuck on Greentree Hill.
We'll never make the show tonight
Unless Rudolph books our flight



Verse 3:

Bells on cell phones ring.
The venue called us here
Around a curve we had to swerve
And almost hit a deer

Said “We're on our way,
And getting pretty near
But as you know with Pittsburgh's roads
You can't get there from here!”