The Woo Hoo
Tim Lionelli
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About Tim:
Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitar

Tim (the “J” stands for Jude) has been singing and playing guitar, keyboards and percussion for
over 35 years.  He originally learned three chords on the guitar as a teenager to “woo girls”.  His
music influences include T
he Eagles, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Crosby-Stills-Nash & Young,
The Rolling Stones, The Who
and The Beatles.  

He has played up and down the East Coast, in Canada, and a lot of summer venues at the beach.  
Sometimes a solo artist, Tim has performed locally at Seven Springs Resort, Nick’s Fat City, The
Southside Works, Sandcastle and the new Bedford Springs Hotel among others.  

Equipment he uses includes a Martin D-16 Acoustic/Electric Guitar with a Beheringer Amp along
with his Fender Telecaster and Delta Blues Amp.

His Pittsburgh area bands have included
Dix N Jane, TNA, Kixx, Stereo Vibe and Crossroads that
preceded the creation of
The Woo Hoo Band.
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