About us

The Woo Hoo Band  has accomplished a lot since our beginning in 2007:

Played a variety of venues:
NIght Clubs, Country Clubs, Festivals, Fairs, Hotels, Resorts, Parks.

Invited to play some of Pittsburgh’s and the areas best & largest venues:
Jergel’s, Heinz Field, Altar Bar, Generations, Pittsburgh Marathon & more

Shared the stage with National Bands:
The Baby’s, Marshall Tucker Band, Kentucky Headhunters & others.

Released our first full length album “Pittsburgh People N@” with Five Top 5 HIts and Two number 1 Hits on Nashville

The Woo Hoo Band  is the blending of six very talented musicians from different musical backgrounds, coming
together from different parts of the Pittsburgh region with the same goal - to play quality music with other
professional musicians in order to create a fun, dancing atmosphere for an appreciative audience.

With over 200 years of combined experience playing music from Canada to Florida and San Diego to the East Coast,
these guys bring a world of talent and a ton of skill with them.

Blending 4 part vocal harmonies, 2 guitars, solid bass playing, piano, organ and synth, plus powerful drumming, along
with the showmanship of the soulful lead singer - this band has the talent and charisma to please most audiences.
Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitar
Booking, Songwriter

Tim (the “J” stands for Jude) has been singing and
playing guitar, keyboards and percussion for over 35
years.  He originally learned three chords on the guitar as
a teenager to “woo girls”.  His music influences include
he Eagles, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Crosby-Stills-
Nash & Young, The Rolling Stones, The Who
and The

He has played up and down the East Coast, in Canada, and
a lot of summer venues at the beach.  Sometimes a solo
artist, Tim has performed locally at Seven Springs Resort,
Nick’s Fat City, The Southside Works, Sandcastle and the
new Bedford Springs Hotel among others.  

Equipment he uses includes a Martin D-16
Acoustic/Electric Guitar with a Beheringer Amp along with
his Fender Telecaster and Delta Blues Amp.

His Pittsburgh area bands have included
Dix N Jane, TNA,
Kixx, Stereo Vibe
and Crossroads that preceded the
creation of
The Woo Hoo Band.

Tim's page - click HERE
Piano, Organ, Synth,  & Vocals
Booking, Websites, Social Media, Songwriter, Producer

Mark has been playing music since age ten and grew up
in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in a family where music was a
part of every day life.  There was a big music room with a
huge stereo and tons of records to listen to the latest hits,
plus a piano, Farfisa organ, drum kit, bass, 6-string
acoustic, 6-string electric, 12-string electric/acoustic,
several amps, an autoharp, clarinet, flute, microphones,
two reel-to-reel tape decks and an encouraging
atmosphere for friends to drop by and listen, play and
create music.  His very first band came about in 1964 with
best friends Larry Boyd on guitar and Dean Riggar on
drums, learning songs by
The Beatles and anything they
could figure out from the British invasion.

In August 1966 the 3 teenagers took the train alone from
Connellsville to Philadelphia (were our parents CRAZY ?)
to see
The Beatles in concert at JFK stadium during the
Fab Fours final year of touring.  Mark's influences have
always included
The Beatles.....plus....The Rolling Stones,
The Mama’s & The Papa’s, The Byrds
and the many
artists of

During high school, Mark was the bass player for
The Ovations and later while at Penn State,  the lead
singer and keyboard player for
United and United 2.   He
went on to Salem College to major in music before moving
to San Diego to jam around southern California during his
"hippie" phase.  Returning to Pennsylvania he taught
private music lessons for beginner piano and guitar
students and also worked with the Kawai Piano Company
in Pittsburgh.

His current equipment list includes a Roland Digital Piano,
Previa Keyboard, Alesis Synthesizer, Fender Stratacoustic
Electric Guitar, Yamaha Acoustic Guitar,  Ukulele, Crate
Amp and Alesis Keyboard Amp plus a Cello, Console
Piano and a Baby Grand Piano at his home.

Over the years, Mark has lived and worked in
San Diego,
Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York City, Hanover, PA
& Frederick, MD

Mark has jammed and played with a number of local
bands including
The Airplane Graveyard, Stereo Vibe and
Crossroads that preceded the creation of The Woo Hoo


Mark's page - click HERE
Lead Vocals &
Rhythm Guitar
Piano, Organ, Synth,
Rhythm Guitar. & Vocals
Drums & Percussion
Drums & Percussion

I'm a veteran drummer in the Pittsburgh tri-state region and have
been playing professionally since the age of 13.  Next year will
mark my 40th year in the music industry.  I've been in tons of
bands, played radio stations, opened for major acts, had and lost
recording contracts, met and partied with famous musicians and
lived the Rock ‘N Roll life.

Prior to joining
The Woo Hoo Band, my most recent music
projects included: "
Witness X" @  
and “54 Steps” @

Through all of this I have a lot of recordings that I've drummed on
and I’m happy to share them with anyone who cares to listen.  

You can hear me online on MySpace.

I play a 26 piece Pearl Masters kit along with a Roland 15 piece
electronic kit.

The Woo Hoo Band.com
The Woo Hoo Band

June 7, 2019 - Opened for "The Baby's" in Pittsburgh

2018 Released "That Means A Lot" single

November 2017 - Released first Christmas single "A Woo Hoo Holiday"

April 18, 2017 - Video shoot in Pittsburgh for "Melt The Moon"

April 2, 2017 - Since Jan 1, 2017. six  tracks from "Pittsburgh People N@"
continue to receive airplay and sell on 6 Continents:  
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia.

March 25, 2017 - Radio Interview with Paul Mac in Australia
aired worldwide to rave reviews

September 12, 2016 -  "Pittsburgh People N@", 9 song album
released - worldwide distribution

September 10, 2016 - CD Release Party in Pittsburgh

June 2016 - Final remastering of CD at Mr. Small's - "Pittsburgh People N@"

April 2016 - "Santa Fe" is released and reaches #1 in Nashville on Vradio.

February 2016 - We begin new recording sessions at
Mr. Small's Recording Studio, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 - In Nashville, Four of our songs were in the TOP 4 of the TOP 40
on Vradio Nashville - "Melt The Moon" - #1, "Pot Of Love" - #1,
"Liver In The River" - #2  & "Pittsburgh People" - #4.

January thru March 2015 - Our original songs continue to get daily airplay in
Nashville, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas across the USA and in Australia.

January 2015 - Nominated in Nashville for Vocal Group of The Year.

January thru December 2014 - Consistently placed one of our songs nearly
every week this year, in The Top 40 on Nashville Radio.

January 2014 - Nominated in Nashville for Vocal Group of The Year, Song of
The Year ("Liver In The River"), & Entertainer of The Year.

June 2014 - Finished recording 4 new songs for the CD at Mr. Small's.

May 25, 2014 - Vradio Nashville Top 40 - "Pot Of Love" charts at # 1.

March 18, 2013 -
VRadio Nashville Top 10 - "Melt The Moon" charts at # 4
~ AND ~ TWHB is named "Spotlight Artist of the Week".

February  2013 -
VRadio Nashville has put 3 of our songs into regular rotation
"Melt The Moon", "Liver In The River", "Are You Satisfied".

February 2013 - Ranked # 3 out of all Rock Bands
in Pittsburgh, PA on Reverb Nation.

June 2012 – Released a 4 song EP, titled “ThEP” as part of our upcoming
12 song CD, we are currently recording at Mr. Small’s Studio in Pittsburgh.

May 2012 - Ranked #18 out of over 700+ Rock Bands in Pittsburgh !!!
- reverbnation.com

April 2012 - Signed with Lisa Carter, LC Music Management,
Nashville, TN

February 21, 2012 - Began recording full length, 12 song CD of all originals
at Mr. Small’s Recording Studio, Pittsburgh, PA. for release later in 2012.

Our single "Pittsburgh People" was released in 2011 to radio
and has been played, aired & heard on 6 Continents…..WOO HOO !!!

Has shared the bill with National Bands that include:
The Baby's, Kentucky Headhunters, Marshall Tucker Band,
Gator Country/Molly Hatchet.
- Aug 2012 - Opened for "Confederate Railroad"

Pittsburgh Marathon (3rd year) - 2012 played Main Stage at
Point State Park Finish Line Festival for over 25,000 runners.

Invited to play at all 3 major Pittsburgh sports teams venues for
The Steelers, The Penguins & The Pirates.

PNC Park featured our original song “Pittsburgh People” to 24,653 fans
on Friday Night, June 10th, 2011 during the "Pirates vs NY Mets" game.

Heinz Field on August 14, 2010, performed for the first pre-season game
between Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions.

Mellon Arena, scheduled on May 2, 2010 during the Penguins play-off
series, was also on the same day we performed at the Pittsburgh Marathon.
Have also played the Penguins Ice-O-Plex at Jay's Sports Bar several times.

Performed 3 times at Pittsburgh Marathon for over 18,000 on
May 2, 2010 & May 15, 2011 and for 25,000 on May 6, 2012.

Performed out of state in Ohio, West Virginia & Maryland.

We have over 200 years of combined experience playing music from
Canada to Florida & San Diego to the East Coast.
Lead Guitar & Vocals

(Bio coming soon - Oct 2019)
Bass Guitar
Bass Guitar
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Phil is new to the Pittsburgh area, having recently relocated
from Corona, California.  He brings with him a wide range of
experience playing just about every type of popular music on
multiple instruments.

Originally a trumpet player, Phil developed his chops playing
symphonic music, jazz, some disco (hey it was the seventies!)
and good old rock & roll, with several different marching bands
in parade and field marching.

He started playing bass guitar at the age of seventeen and has
played in numerous bands both large and small in all types of
Southern California venues over the years.

Phil plays primarily a five string fretted bass, but occasionally
breaks out a four string Fender Jazz Bass and once in a while
even a fretless!
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Guitar & Vocals
Joe has been playing guitar for over 20 years.  He got his start in
high school as a bass player in a hard rock garage band, and
has spent a lot of time playing acoustic with friends and family

He has played in local venues as part of an acoustic duo, and
crashes his brother's gig's in Scranton occasionally to sit in with
him.  He particulary enjoys sitting on the patio at the family's
house in Florida jamming with family members.

Equipment Joe uses include a Peavey Predator Stratocaster or
Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro with his Fender Mustang IV
modeling amp.
Since 2007