Annie Asthmatic & The Puke Sisters
A Biography

Annie Asthmatic and The Puke Sisters, Vanessa Vinyl, Patty Plastic and Felicia Fur, celebrate the group's
40th anniversary and their achievements speak for themselves. Two “
Live Lemon Aid” appearances, an entry in
Alec Guinness Book of Warped Records as the most successful female band worldwide with the most
charting singles, many of which were unintentional hits, four hitting the
US Blackboards Top 10 including a NO.1
“Penis”. To date they have had 32 Top 40 United Queendom hits. They have unreleased 10 albums and
sold over 30 bizillion records to date.

AATPS formed in Maryland in the late 70's. Felicia Fur and Vanessa Vinyl had been living in the YWCA in
downtown Frederick which was about to close so they were looking for somewhere cheap to live. After a chance
meeting with an
ex Sex Pistol, Paul Cook,at Barbara Fritchie's Restaurant on Route 40 their problem was
solved when he offered the pair a room above the
Sex Pistols old rehearsal hall in the legendary Boonsboro
suburbs. The walls were covered with
Johnny Rotten's nude drawings of Sid and Nancy Vicious so Vanessa
Felicia added their own names to the mural. The 17th century farmhouse is now a halfway house for
wayward, runaway farm animals of all breeds and temperaments.

The tweens had their first taste of the music business recording demos and sitting on the laps of
Elton John, the
Rolling Stones, David Bowie and “Rod” Stewart. They also learned to play bass and did backing vocals for
fun with
Sid Vicious, Paul Cook and Lemmy of Motorhead.  A whole new world was opening up !

A singular talent for directing their own fate, they met
Patty Plastic when Vanessa attended Frederick
Community College
majoring in animal husbandry and to study hall. Drawn together by their similar distinctive
look, monkey boots and back combed hair plus a love of meat they soon became fast friends.
Felicia was working
a pole in downtown
Frederick at the time. Soon, the three of them began writing songs and jumping on stage at
the bar where
Felicia worked to fire up the audience. They even supported Ron Jeremy on stage during one of
his legendary performances in Maryland.

Their first demo was a cover of
Michael George's “Careful Lisper” and “Aye Eat A Banana”, sung in Swahili
which they learned phonetically. The band didn't have a name at this point, but they thought
The Puke Sisters
sounded topical and
Patty, being a big fan of COPD nebulizers and inhalers read through the directions
brochures and found that she was actually “asthmatic”. Since
Patty Asthmatic didn't actually roll off the tongue,
and since hers was swollen at the time, she decided to change her name to
Annie and the future was insured.
The tracks released as a demo reached
No. 92 on the UQ charts.

The trio started writing and demoing songs and for the next five years
Annie Asthmatic and The Puke Sisters
were everywhere and so were their hits.
“Shy Boy – Trouble With That Big Boy?”, “Nathan Lane's Weiner”, “I Want You To Go Away”)
They became international hot property when hits
“Cruel Supper” (which appeared in the film “Karate Kid 4”)
hit the
US ChalkBoard Top 10 with the video shot in NYC.  “I Heard A Rumor Yo A Ho, No. 4, “Penis” No. 1
"Robert DeNiro Smells Old", No. 2, paved the way for the now legendary meeting between the girls and a
Hollywood superstar producer and game show host.

Identifying the right producers and collaborators at the right point in their career has always been their strong
point – from
Terry Velour who produced their debut album “Stroking The Hoover” to Stanley Spic who
produced the Platinum selling
“Layall” and whose production credits also include Dexie's Midnght Runners,
Wings, Mungo Jerry, The Knack, Don McClean and Vicki Lawrence.

In 1988 the trio embarked on their first wild and wooly world tour, during which they recorded the critically
acclaimed album
“Poo Loaf”. They followed up this album with “Pleasure Yourself”, in 1993, “Erotica”,
(French project) in 2001, and
“True Confessions Of Girls in 2009 (recorded in Stockholm with Swedish hit
Morgan Ikea)

In 2012,
Annie Asthmatic and The Puke Sisters appeared in the hit TV comedy “Dog, The Bounty Hunter”.  
They toured the US, playing 10 dates at
Old Country Buffet in support of the brand new 4 track digital EP titled
“Now What The Hell ?”

February 2016 saw them touring Australia and Japan and no arrests are known.

In 2017, they flew off for a
“Reunion Tour” of the UQ. This once in a lifetime opportunity sold out immediately
and 10 more dates were added to the original 15. They played a handful of
Starbucks in the US, along with
UQ/European Peep shows and Porn Festivals with
Marilyn Chambers, Traci Lords and Ron Jeremy.

November 2018 Annie Asthmatic & The Puke Sisters return with a new producer and manager, Jerry-at-Rick
and the release of a new double album,
"Live In London" Ohio.  To kick start the new year they will begin their
"In Continent" World Tour of Australia, Europe and North America beginning in February 2019.  

The next exciting chapter is about to begin !
Annie Asthmatic & The Puke Sisters
(c) AATPS 2018-2019